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General Trip Information

OK, where do we go from here?

General Trip Information

We do not sell, book or arrange flights, however, we can provide some information that may be of assistance to you. Some of our expeditions start and finish in different cities and in these circumstances you will need to purchase a ticket that allows you to fly into one country and out of another. Most travel agents and high street booking agents offer great deals on flights, so shop around to get the best possible price. Also try some internet based travel web-sites such as OpodoE-Bookers, Net Flights, Expedia etc.

Start & Finish Destinations

Nairobi (Kenya), Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe) and Cape Town (South Africa) are the most common start and finish locations for our African overland tours. We recommend you arrive for your expedition a couple of days prior to the trip start date in order to acclimatise and have some free time to see the local sights.

We also recommend you leave yourself a couple of days at the end of your overland expedition to repack, organise your belongings and say goodbye to new friends made along the way prior to flying out. Allowing a couple of days at the end of the expedition is also a good idea in case we encounter any unexpected delays reaching our final destination.

Most people leave themselves time to see the sights and explore what their departure city has to offer. For example, Cape Town has a lot to offer visitors and some people will carry on travelling through South Africa for a couple of weeks after the expedition finishes.

If you are embarking on a gap year, an expedition in Africa with Savannah Overland Expeditions Ltd could be the perfect way to start. Afterwards, you could continue your African adventure by experiencing more of this exciting continent through volunteering at a community project.

African Style Travel

Each day varies from the next. Driving days normally start between 6:00 am and 8:00 am and finish around 5:00 pm with stops for lunch, restocking food supplies and sight seeing along the way. We do not travel every day. Although there are times when we do travel two consecutive days in a row. Generally, if we travel for two consecutive days we will stop for a day or two somewhere special to relax before carrying on. Please refer to your itineraries for more information.


Even though we cover large distances during our African adventure the climate does not change significantly. In Eastern Africa the year is divided into ‘short’ rains (November) and ‘long’ rains (March to May). The ‘rains’ usually last for one to two hours each day and are followed by sunny spells.

You need to pack carefully when embarking on an African overland adventure. Night temperatures can be cool and the days are generally hot. Uganda is hot and humid whereas Namibia is hot and dry. The weather is unpredictable so make sure you pack appropriate equipment and clothing for all occasions. We are at the mercy of Mother Nature and unfortunately we have no control over the weather, but we can be prepared.


Most people who travel through Africa like to give the locals small ‘gifts’. We recommend that you do not give them money as we have seen little children being pushed and shoved by bigger children and adults to get it.

Experience has shown that they appreciate things such as pens, notebooks, toothbrushes, toothpaste, hair bands, hair clips or small items that are not readily available in a lot of third world countries.

If you have room in your backpack before you leave home pack some old clothes and shoes, etc. They are good items to use when bartering for souvenirs or you may wish to just give them away to those less fortunate than yourself.

Checklist for Travellers

Check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) up to date travel advice and travellers tips on the internet at

The Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for up to date advice

Research your destination – find out about local laws and customs and follow them upon arrival.

Tell family and friends were you are going and how to contact you e.g. by text / email. Leave copies of your passport, insurance policy, flight details, itinerary and contact details with family and friends.

Bring a secondary means of photographic identification and a photocopy of your passport.

Travel Tickets

Buy a return flight ticket before you travel and keep them in a safe place throughout your expedition.


Avoid any involvement with illegal drugs or substances as the penalties are severe.  Any use of illegal drugs or substances whilst on the truck is strictly prohibited.  Don’t carry parcels or luggage through Customs for any other people.