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Overland Adventure accommodation

Throughout your overland adventure you will spend most nights camping in the spacious 4 man canvas safari dome tents we provide. For comfort, each tent is shared by two people allowing more room to move.  Most people will also be able to stand up in them.  The tents all have large mosquito gauzed (anti mosquito) windows which allow for air flow whilst providing protection from the elements.  They also help provide a peaceful and comfortable nights sleep under the African skies.

The safari tents will be your home away from home for anywhere from 12 to 35 days depending upon which trip you choose, therefore, they need to offer some privacy, be comfortable, durable and easy to put up and take down.

Some of the campsites in Eastern Africa have other types of accommodation available such as ‘local rooms’ or ‘safari style’ lodging you can upgrade to at your own expense.  Sometimes, on the longer overland expeditions, the upgrade is worth it for a well earned break from camping.  Most times, however, it is safer to stay in the tents provided as some of the local accommodation is not mosquito friendly and malaria is always a risk.

Sleeping with the sights, sounds and smells of Africa is something you will never forget.

For hygiene reasons, anyone travelling on our expeditions will be required to bring their own sleeping bag and sleeping mat.  For your own comfort, it is strongly recommended that you invest in a good quality foam or self-inflating camping mat.  Self-inflating style camping mats are far more comfortable than the old foam mats, however, please bring a puncture repair kit, just in case.  For even more comfort you can buy a pillow from a local shop or bring one with you if you have the space.  It may come in very useful for those long days spent travelling in the truck.