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Bespoke Group Travel

Tailor your own trips

Bespoke Group Travel

Because we are an independently owned and operated company we can tailor make tour packages to suit your every need.

Let us know what countries you want to visit, what you want to see and do and we can, in consultation with you and your group, tailor make the perfect package for your African adventure.

Bespoke group travel packages can be tailored to suit budgets, mid range or high end travel – it depends on what it is your group want to experience, what countries you want to visit, where you want to stay, whether it be camping or hotel type accommodation and how long you want to travel for.

Groups of 15 or more

If you are a group of 15 or more, for example a company, university group, school, fishing club, cycling club, sporting or social group to name a few we can help create a unique bespoke African Overland Expedition that will meet the requirements of all your members.

Families with Children

If you are a family group with children and are interested in travelling this diverse continent please contact us to discuss a bespoke group travel solution. Please remember that overlanding in Africa be can tough, therefore, you need to ensure your children are old enough to understand the complexities of Africa and will be able to cope with the demands of overland travel.

We recently travelled from South Africa to Zambia with our 5 year old and she loved it!

There is no limit to what we can help you achieve – let your imagination go wild in Africa!

If you can dream it, you can do it!!

Please email us regarding your groups requirements.