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Your questions, answered

How many people do you take on your overland trips?
We can carry up to a maximum of 26 passengers at any one time on our safari truck. Sometimes we travel with 26 passengers and other times we travel with less.

How far in advance should I book?
It is advisable to book overland trips at least 2 to 3 months before the expedition departure date to give yourself time to plan and get all the necessary travel injections, find the best deals on flights and prepare for your trip of a lifetime to one of the most amazing continents in the world. The sooner you book the sooner we can secure your seat and avoid any disappointment due the expedition being fully booked. If we have available seats we can accommodate last minute travellers so long as you have the necessary travel insurance documentation and your travel injections are up to date.

Do you sell flights?
No, we are not licenced to sell flights. You should shop around to get the best possible price on flights as they can vary significantly depending upon the time of year you travel and the carrier you choose to fly with. There are some very good high street travel agents who price match as well as internet based companies who offer very competitive prices.

What is the rest of the group like on an overland trip?
Each trip is different and so are the people booking on them. People who book on overland trips are generally like minded and keen to embark on a unique adventure through one of the most exhilarating continents in the world. All passengers range in age, nationality, profession, like and dislikes etc. They come from all different walks of life but generally have a common interest in travel.

Why should we book with Savannah Overland?
We are a small privately owned company dedicated to offering great value affordable trips. We manage the company and tours ourselves and rely on direct sales, word of mouth and recommendations from previous passengers who have travelled with us through Africa, South America and the Middle East. We do not have a large central head office with loads of costly overheads, therefore, we can keep our costs down. We have also included the expedition ‘highlights’ into our pricing so even if you decided not to do any of the optional activities on offer you would experience the best of each trip.

What about visas?
Generally speaking most passengers will require visas for each country they travel through whilst on their chosen trip. It is advisable to check visa requirements prior to travel as they frequently change. Visas for some countries are obtainable en-route at border crossings, however, countries such as Kenya now require travellers to obtain visas prior to travel / arrival into their country. Visa prices for each country may vary depending upon your nationality. Please refer to our ‘Visa’ section for more information. Before you travel, it is advisable to independently check visa requirements for each country you will visit on your expedition to ensure your documentation is in order.

How much spending money should I bring?
This is the million dollar question. It really depends upon your spending habits, how much you like to shop, barter, eat and drink. A general rule of thumb somewhere between US$25 – $30 per day should be sufficient. Please refer to our ‘Money’ section for more information. Remember, this is an individual thing and not something anyone else can put a definitive amount on. No one knows your spending habits like you do. It is better to over budget and have money left at the end of the trip than to not budget enough and miss out on something you really want to do or buy.

Do I need travel insurance for overland trips?
YES you do. You will not be allowed to join, or travel, on our safari truck without your own independent travel insurance that remains valid for the duration of your expedition. Please read the fine print of your travel insurance policy to ensure it provides the cover you require including medical and repatriation as a minimum. Consideration should be given to extra cover levels for extreme sports such as white water rafting and electronic / photographic equipment etc. You will be required to provide a copy of your valid travel insurance policy prior to embarking on your expedition.

What accommodation is provided?
We provide spacious 4 man canvas safari dome tents that are suitable for the African climate. Each tent is shared by two people. The tents have built in ground sheets and mosquito gauze on the windows and doors to help keep mosquitos and other insects out. It is advisable to remember that they are tents and can sometime leak in torrential downpours – they are not submarines! If you want a break from camping, you may get the opportunity to ‘upgrade’, at your own expense, to very basic rooms at some campsites.

How much time will we spend ‘on the road’ each day?
The time spent on the road will vary each day depending on how far we have to travel to our next destination, optional activities, photo opportunities and unscheduled relief stops along the way. Generally the drive time varies between 4 and 12 hours on a ‘driving’ day. If we have long drive days planned we try to leave camp just after sunrise and breakfast so we arrive at our destination before sunset. We do not drive every day and you will need to keep an open mind as things do not necessarily always go to plan. . We stayfor a number of days in some places, e.g., Jinja, Lake Malawi, Zanzibar and Victoria Falls.

What about medical kits and vaccinations?
We carry a comprehensive first aid kit, however, we strongly recommend that you bring your own personnel first aid kit for minor injuries. You are responsible for ensuring you have had the correct vaccinations prior to travel. Please refer to our ‘Medical’ section for more information. When planning for a journey of this nature you should contact a reputable travel clinic, or your GP, for advice on what vaccinations are required and recommended for travel to the countries you will visit.

Is there somewhere for my money and valuables during my overland holiday?
Yes, we have a small safe on board where passports and spare money can be securely stored. You will be allocated a large external locker to share with one other person. This locker is where you will store your backpack and any other items you bring with you. We recommend that you do not bring any unnecessary valuable items to Africa as they draw unnecessary attention.

Should you not find the answers to your questions in our FAQ’s above please do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected].