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Countries in Africa we visit


Savannah Overland Expeditions offers Overland tours, overland expeditions and safaris as well as bespoke group adventures in Kenya, amongst other East and Southern African countries.

Kenya is located in the Heart of Africa and shares its borders with Ethiopia in the north, Sudan in the Northwest, Uganda in the West and Tanzania in the south while the Indian Ocean lies to the East.

Kenya is a beautiful country with a lot to offer. It is richly blessed with many different environments from snow-capped mountain ranges to flat savannah plains and deserts, lowland equatorial forests, coasts with mangrove swamps and sandy beaches sheltered by coral reefs and the Rift Valley runs through Kenya from north to south.

With this variety of natural habitats, it is hardly any wonder that Kenya boasts an incredibly varied wildlife; with over a hundred species of mammals, 12 different types of primate, a range of reptiles and more than 1,000 species of birds.

Kenya offers warm days and cool early mornings and evenings throughout most of the country. There are two primary rainy seasons: the long rains roughly from April to June and the short rains during October and November.

Swahili is used as the national language of Kenya however English is the official language.

Currency: Kenya shilling however US dollars are also widely accepted

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