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Trip Payment

Where your money goes

The total cost of your Expedition is divided into two parts:

Part 1.  Trip Payment (payable in full to the UK office prior to departure)
Part 2.  Local Payment (payable to the crew in US$’s cash upon arrival in Africa)

Part 1 - Trip Payment

This is the payment made to Savannah Overland Expeditions Ltd (the company) for the ‘tour’ component of the expedition.  It is payable in full prior to travelling to Africa and covers land transportation in the expedition vehicle only.  The Trip Payment is payable in GB£ sterling.

Part 2 - Local Payment

This is the payment made to Savannah Overland Expeditions Ltd’s Tour Leader in Africa for the ‘local’ component of the expedition. This amount is payable in US$ cash and only notes dated 2006 and above will be accepted.  Part 2, the local payment, covers all locally incurred costs associated with running the expedition including, but not limited to, food, camping fees, loss of equipment, parking, border crossings, road tolls and taxes etc.

Additional Costs Incurred by You

Your flights, travel insurance, visas, optional activities and excursions, spending money, daily snacks and drinks, meals whilst in cities and / or away from the truck are not included in either Part 1 or Part 2 of your trip payment.  These are all additional costs you will incur along the way and should be budgeted for accordingly.